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Measurement microphone sets
Measurement microphone sets

Measurement microphone sets

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 The measurement microphone sets have been combined so they fulfil our users’ typical measurement needs. Independently of your measurement system and application you should be able to find a set that suits your needs. The microphone sets can be connected directly to all professional measurement systems and as indicated they are available for both CCP and 7-pin LEMO inputs.

If your measurement platform supports intelligent transducers according to IEEE 1451.4 (TEDS) you can simply plug in the microphones and they will identify themselves with their specific properties, types and calibration data. A feature especially appreciated by multi-channel users.

The CCP sets use high-quality coaxial cables, whereas the LEMO sets use a special, soft type of multicore shielded cable. If extended cables are to be used you should consider the possible influence on the upper frequency and dynamic ranges.

All microphone sets are delivered as a unit and are calibrated accordingly. The sets are delivered with calibration charts including sensitivity values and frequency response curves for the complete set. The sensitivity value can therefore be used directly in your system setup.

For frequent verification of the measurement chain a sound source will be required. G.R.A.S. supplies a 114 dB sound calibrator for this purpose. Depending on the use and your internal quality control requirements we recommend that the sets are recalibrated at least every second year. For a more accurate verification we recommend calibration with a pistonphone. G.R.A.S. supplies 114dB and 134dB pistonphones. Further, we recommend calibration of the sound sources against an extreme reliable reference. G.R.A.S. offers such a service and recommends this calibration every second year.

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